YouTube Hack How to Beat the Algorithm and Get Many Likes fleet farm cc, walmart capital one cc

YouTube is extremely popular. Millions of people visit it every day, and there are millions of hours of content available there. You can learn about every conceivable topic on YouTube, or you can wile away the hours watching cartoons or cute kitten videos. 
As a business entity, though, this platform can be extremely useful to you. If you have a channel attached to your company, you can use this form of social media for promotion. You can use it to establish your brand identity more firmly. 
We’re going to talk a little bit about what it takes to get noticed on YouTube and reap the benefits, so you end up with more cash in your pocket.
Most people don’t think about YouTube as being a search engine, but of course, that is precisely what it is. You type in a sentence about what you’re looking for, or maybe just a keyword or keyword phrase. This is the same thing that you would do with Google or Bing. 
Then, the algorithm gets to work. It’s a hyper-intelligent program infused with AI. What it tries to do is give you back what it feels are the most relevant results based on the keyword combination that you used. 
You should keep the following in mind when it comes to the algorithm:
Trying to get ahead on a social media platform means staying popular. You want your channel to be featured prominently so that more people discover it. This is how they enter your sales funnel . 
Many companies have lots of social media channels. They might use YouTube, but also Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others. Most companies also have a website, and they want people to come and visit it.
Whenever someone finds one of your social media channels or your website, they are entering your sales funnel. You then want them to convert, which is to say that you want them to purchase one of your services or goods. 
With YouTube, that means doing anything that you can to make sure that people find your videos and channel very easily. You must do everything to avoid your video offerings being buried in the rankings. But how do you do that?
The most obvious way to get ahead on YT is to purchase YouTube likes. That is not very challenging, with cheap prices on such packages being easy to find online. 
You might not be thrilled with this prospect, because you feel like it’s devious or underhanded. The reality is, though, that’s not the case at all.
Buying social media engagement in the form of likes, subscribers, comments, etc. is something that many companies do. If they’re a larger and more prominent brand, it’s not unusual for them to spend thousands of dollars on this sort of engagement. It’s a way to inflate their numbers artificially.
It’s not illegal or somehow unethical to do these things. Let’s say that you’re a new business entity, and you’re trying to get noticed on social media. You’ve spent lots of time on your videos, and you’re proud of the results.
The problem is that no one knows who you are yet, and other companies in your niche already exist. They’re established, and they have the fans that you want. 
The only way that you can poach some of those fans is to start the process by artificially inflating your numbers. Once you do so, every new potential customer who sees your platform will notice your increasing popularity.
The YT algorithm will flag your account if you do something like buying 10,000 likes and depositing them all at once. What you have to do is hire a company that not only charges you an acceptable amount but also uses the slow-drip method as they’re giving you those engagement numbers.
Essentially, slow-drip means that you’re adding those new likes slowly and steadily, so as not to make YT suspicious. You’ll be fine, as long as the likes come from real and active accounts. When you start using inactive accounts or bots, you could get your account suspended for violation of terms of service. 
If you select the right company that can help you out in this area, then the YT algorithm will notice that your videos seem to be popular. Although we can’t know exactly the formula that this platform uses to propel videos to the top of the search engine results, you can be sure of one thing: positive numbers, like more likes, comments, etc. make a huge difference.
That’s why it makes all the sense in the world to get yourself one of these packages if you’re trying to beat the odds on social media. It is a classic situation of having to spend money to make money.
So, let’s say that you’ve used this tactic to gain an advantage on the platform. Your videos have been made to seem popular through artificially inflating your likes. What else can you do to make sure that your channel stays popular and that your videos stay at the top of the SERPs ?
Now is when you really have to focus on your video quality. You have some new eyes coming to look at your offerings organically. They see those many new likes, and they say to themselves, “okay, we’ve got an interesting channel here.” How can you make them stick around?
You need to create some videos that:
When you go on YouTube, you know the difference between a good-quality video and a poor one. You’ve seen video offerings where the quality is terrible. It’s evident the production team didn’t know what they were doing, and the finished product reflects that.
Remember that your videos are like little advertisements for your business. You’re using them to try and establish that you’re an authority within your niche. If they seem sloppy and thrown together, then you’re not doing yourself any favors.
If you need to, hire a real production crew. You can sometimes hire film school students if you’re on a limited budget. 
Until you have some great video content to post, it’s almost pointless to buy that social media engagement. Once you have organic YT users drifting in to check out videos because of your inflated numbers, they’ll quickly leave again if they don’t like what they see from you.
It’s evident that the best way to get ahead on YT is to take a two-pronged approach to your social media strategy . You start by buying an engagement package, or more than one. You might choose to purchase both likes and subscribers, for instance.
That tricks the algorithm into sending you up the search engine rankings. You’ll then get that organic traffic that you crave. 
The way you keep those new fans is by having excellent content that sucks them in. They’ll quickly understand that you’re an up-and-comer within your niche. They will probably check out your other social media profiles and your website. 
Once they trust you and they’re securely within your sales funnel, they will convert. That’s how you use YouTube to monetize, and this double-barreled approach is how you use the algorithm to your advantage. 
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