The Security Vendors Startups like Lob Can’t Live Without ssn dob dl shop, fullz for sale 2021

We love hearing that customers can’t live without us. Who doesn’t? It’s especially gratifying coming from a repeat customer like Arkadiy. Arkadiy’s head of security at Lob , whose APIs help developers send direct mail as easily as email. Prior to that, Arkadiy worked on the security team at Airbnb , one of HackerOne’s Top 20 Public Bug Bounty Programs .
Not only do we love the love, but we also love Arkadiy’s list! And it got us thinking—could it be the making of a Startup Security Stack?  
To find out, we dug a little deeper into each companies’ role in the security landscape.
Access Management – Okta
We’re big fans of Okta . Talk to any hacker or pentester and she’s likely to say that weak access management is one of the most common security vulnerabilities: things like improper access control, privilege escalation, or an indirect object reference (IDOR). Okta helps you manage these potential vulnerabilities.
Application Security – HackerOne
You’re here, so we’re guessing you know that HackerOne is the leader in hacker-powered security. 400,000 hackers—bearing a huge diversity of skills—work with HackerOne clients to secure their applications, reduce risk, and keep their customers happy. With solutions ranging from bug bounty to hacker-powered pen tests, and from compliance to live hacking events, HackerOne meets the needs of early-stage startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies. 
Apple Endpoint Security – Jamf
In many startups, Macs outnumber PCs or Google Chromebooks — often by A LOT. This has prompted many IT and security teams to standardize on Macs. Jamf has quickly emerged as the go-to solution for companies looking to secure their Apple technology. It’s led the way in the Apple Enterprise Endpoint Management market.
Data – Elastic
The systems that businesses use to manage customers, security, provisioning, and service produce massive—and increasing—amounts of data. Those data contain hidden insights that can help the business run better. Elastic helps businesses unlock that data. Lob uses Elastic for security information management, but whether you want to lock down a potential attack vector or ensure your sensitive data stays secure, the Elastic Stack has emerged as a leading solution.
Password Management – 1Password
Poor password management can bring the security house down fast. Just ask the insurance startup that failed to password protect a cloud storage bucket, resulting in the loss of sensitive data. Using a solution like 1Password prevents many ills that, when left to employees to manage manually, can result in embarrassing or costly breaches.
Put these five vendors together and you’ve set a strong foundation for security. Access, passwords, data, and endpoint security make frequent appearances on the OWASP Top 10, and also comprise much of the HackerOne Top 10 Most Impactuful and Rewarded Vulnerability Types . With the largest community of ethical hackers at your disposal, HackerOne keeps you ahead of the security curve.
For even more security advice for entrepreneurs, check out HackerOne’s Secure from the Start Guide .
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