Ottawa police investigating after city and police websites hacked dumps shop 2016, cvv dumps shop store

WATCH: Hackers who targeted the Toronto Police and Ottawa Police and city sites are claiming they are protesting a teen accused of calling in false 911 calls.Ottawa police say they are investigating after their website was hacked on the weekend but add their systems “remain secure.”
Visitors to both the City of Ottawa  website and the police site early Monday were met with the message “this web page is not available.”
The web problems follow an incident Friday when visitors to the city’s website saw an image of a dancing banana and a brief text message directed against an officer with the city’s police force.
An online message purported to be from loose-knit hacking group Anonymous claimed credit for the attack.
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The City of Ottawa says it doesn’t believe any sensitive information was compromised and the website was up again on the weekend before being out of service again Monday.
The city’s police say they are continuing to work with their service providers “to address the service issues affecting” but added they could not comment on the ongoing police investigation.
In a release Saturday, the city said it was “confident that no corporate or resident information was compromised as a result of the breach.”
It said the “issues were related to a third party service provider.”
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