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Name: Debi Carr Title: CEO and Consultant Employer: D. K. Carr and Associates, LLC Location: Christmas, FL, U.S.A. Years in IT: 28 years Years in cybersecurity and/or privacy: 20 years Cybersecurity certifications: HCISPP, CAHIMS
How did you decide upon a career in healthcare security and/or privacy?
As a practice manager of a healthcare practice, I was appointed the “Privacy and Security” Officer when HIPAA went into effect. I was also responsible for overseeing the technology in the practice through the years. As a result, I began educating myself on security and privacy protocols.  
Why did you decide to pursue your HCISPP?
Practices and doctors would ask me to assist them to implement a paperless office. I soon found that I was in business as a consultant. I decided to pursue the HCISPP as (ISC)² certifications are considered the “gold standard” and I knew it would give my clients confidence in my advice and recommendations.  
In cybersecurity, no two days are the same – what is your main role in your organization?
My main duties are to assist private practices to implement a security management plan in their practice. We start by conducting a risk analysis and then work with their team and their IT Company to implement a secure program. We also respond when there has been a breach to assist with the investigation and recovery process. I believe I am unique because I understand the small practice environment, but I also understand technology and  security, so I can show them how to make it work effectively.
Tell us about a project that you were particularly proud of –
It is not necessary a “proud of” moment, but rather a good feeling moment when I am able to show a practice how to take security seriously and to help them close the issues that make them vulnerable.
What impact has the HCISPP had on your career?  
Recognition – I have had several job offers just because I hold the HCISPP certification. But I enjoy what I am doing working with private practices. I feel they are the most vulnerable. 
What advice would you give to those aspiring to get their HCISPP?
Obtaining the HCISPP can be overwhelming but well worth the time and effort.  Take advantage of all the resources available to study, and you will gain the confidence you need to pass. 
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