Gen Con 2015 – A Big “Thank You!” from Us to You! valid dumps su, free live cc dumps 2021

Wow! I can’t believe Gen Con is already over. We had an amazing time at the con and giving our Hacking in Fiction panel for 43 lovely people on Thursday night. I want to extend a big thanks to my co-speakers, Johnny and Beltface . We ended up going over our allotted 90 minutes again – mostly because we had so much fun answering fantastic audience questions. Also, thanks to our many Twitter friends who came out to roast us, like Joe, 0DDJ0BB, Lslybot, and Justin!
Just some awesome costumes I snapped pictures of!
Our most frequently asked question that I want to restate here for the world was, “I don’t have much experience; how do I get into infosec/hacking?”
If you’re asking us that question, you’re on the right track. I firmly believe have the best community out there in a professional field. There are tremendous resources for anyone out there who has the will and motivation to be good at infosec. They usually don’t come with any dependency on expensive degree programs or certifications. My recommendations are:
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