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November 30th is Computer Security Day; a day to remind us all to protect our computers… But what does protecting your computer actually mean?
My first computer back in the 80s was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. It had no internet connection, there was no tower and no CD drive. All of its processing power was built into the keyboard and you just plugged it into your TV. 
Now, if you asked 12-year-old me what computer security was, I’d say it meant protecting my Spectrum from being dropped, stolen, or spilled on. 
Times have changed greatly since then, and with increased processing power in many devices, almost anything can be classified as a computer. 
The phone in your pocket is an extremely powerful computer, and the same goes for your laptop. Do you have a smart TV? Or a smart speaker in your home? Any of these things can be classed as a computer. 
So, how do we understand what Computer Security Day is all about? I believe it’s best to think of computer security from three perspectives. 
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