Avoiding a Project Ambush the nearest dump furniture store, the dump furniture sale

There was a story I read recently on the Times Online:  French troops were killed after Italy hushed up ‘bribes’ to Taleban .  What could this tragic event possibly have to do with IT security?  Let me explain.   
there were allegations that the Italian government had been paying
bribes to the Taliban in exchange for save haven. But Italy vehemently denied it. 
Then, last year, ten French troops were killed in what they had
previously assessed to be a peaceful area of Afghanistan. 
Before France went into this deadly area, they (of course) did a risk assessment.  What factored considerably into France’s conclusions was the fact that Italian troops were met by little aggression in
the same area.  Unfortunately, France went in to the same area but
ended up in a deadly ambush, resulting in the tragic deaths.
aside, I think this example illustrates the importance of
conducting a thorough assessment during the requirements phase of any
security or software-related effort.  If an observation is made during this phase, you should check
to see if there are any dependencies behind it.  This way you can
better identify any variables that could negatively impact the
software implementation.  Trust but verify, in other words.
Some points to consider:
In the book 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know , Timothy Hugh has some good advice.
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